Domain from godaddy pointing to vultr - problem showing ip/directory


I'm have a domain lets says, registered at godaddy; I have my vultr server with apache/php, install in directory / , with virturalhost configure on it;

Everything is OK . But when i changed the DNS on godaddy to point on vultr (change name server, and add domain to vultr dns), the result is strange;

when taping on my browser, i'm redirected to my website, but url display is IP_OF_SERVEUR/ (which is the URL i use to access website without the domain, and virtualhost directory)

which is a problem since the display domain is not my domain anymore, but an IP, and the "directory" structure is exposed.

Since it does that, i tryed this morning to put back godaddy default DNS, and change the A (@) record pointing to my IP server. but for now same result, it redirect to URL ip_of_server/directory_virtualhost

Did i miss a step?

thanks for your help


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