New to Vultr - I give up

Great service but zero docs for the new users, you all assume we are expert sysadmins and then that's the market share you'll get, devs will go elsewhere since we can't waste our time chasing google results for the simplest things like installing Git, Postgres, etc. and this forum is useless to say the least, you should have a couple of guys answering questions all day to those stuck configuring their servers.

Take it as a signal, I know you won't miss me. Thanks for all.


  • @Bosson Seeing as the service is designed for people who know what they are doing (and that is reflected in the lower cost), they provide a surprising amount of documentation.

    Personally, I'm glad of the cheaper hosting, rather than paying for a service that hand-holds people who expect to be able to set up their own server, yet can't do "the simplest things like installing Git, Postgres etc."

    If you want a managed service, go elsewhere and PAY for a managed service.

    I won't miss you, and I'll go further - I'm glad someone as unskilled as impatient as you isn't on vultr - you'd probably end up with an insecure setup, attracting all sorts of hackers... No doubt you'd blame everyone else then too!

    Have a nice day!

  • @Bosson , "devs" will know how to install Git and Postgres. If you don't, you certainly have no business using either.

  • Gees, I've never seen such arrogance. @joshuacoty and @jamie you should be both ashamed of yourselves. I was invited to Vulta by a member of Virtualmin and having received a $50 credit, I still had to pay US$10 to install a server. Like @bosson I've had a few teething problems, one of which I can't solve. Every time I do a google search I'm sent to a DigitalOcean Tutorial or somewhere like Stackoverflow.

    My problem still isn't resolved and as I had/have no trouble deploying servers on DigitalOcean which I've used for years, I've decided to leave you arrogant members to your own childish game and return there. All I now have to do is figure out how to get my US$10 back because that's now $20 in OZ.

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