pfSense IPSec Site to Site

I want to use a vultr pfSense instance to act as a public IP for servers hosted in my homelab.

For example, I want to run an HTTP server in my homelab, but serve it through my vultr IP/instance.

So far I've setup an IPSec site to site from my homelab (also running pfSense) to my vultr pfSense instance. Phase 1 and Phase 2 seem to connect properly, but I am completely failing in terms of how to do the routing/nat/subnets/etc. It's further complicated by the fact that I do not have a local subnet on my vultr instance, since I only need to connect to the WAN (and the pfSense on it), so I am confused as to what subnets/networks to configure in the phase 2.

I understand ovpn is frequently used to do this, but I'd prefer IPSec due to the speed differences.

Has anyone successfully done this setup?

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