How about creating an official facebook group and be active on your facebook page??

edited March 4 in Features and Ideas

I think what lacks about your company is to be engaging on social media.

You don't have groups. Even if your staff are not able to administer groups, just let the community populate it.

And perhaps be active on your page for newsletters, promotions or whatever about your company.

I think it will help you get more customers and sales.

Well, Im not really not in the position to say what you must do to get more sales.

I just care about your products because you are so behind. And I need block storage in Singapore!!

The only thing left I like about your company is the free snapshots. If there is nothing new about your company, there is a good chance that you are going to lose me in a few months. I should have migrated a long time ago. But Im just giving you a chance because you have good support (at least for me) and you have free snapshots. And because Im kind of lazy to migrate live sites.


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