Use IP on VPSA for VPSB | switch IP to other VPS

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I deployed 2x VPS same location, named:


VPS-B IP 456.456.456.456.

I selected VPS-A and converted IP to Reserved IP. The IP is also still connected to VPS-A. I'd like to connect the converted IP to VPS-B. How? Now i'm typing this maybe i should first add an extra IP to VPS-A so it won't be left without and then able to do this. I'll try... tried. No succes yet.

I've read about making a snapshot, destroy old server and deploy new with snapshot and select that same IP. That doesn't seem right or make sense. I'm using it for DNS this time but i also don't want to wait before the snapshot completes etc.

I'll see in the meanwhile.

[edit] I've also tried now to Reserve an IP. I can attach it now with a nice button. But there is no un-attach button.

Thank you in advance.


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    Hello ThinkW,

    A reserved IP cannot be detached from a running server. The correct steps to move your reserved IP to a new server are:

    • Make a snapshot of the running server "A" with the reserved IP.
    • Destroy server "A".
    • Launch a new server "A" from your snapshot.
    • Launch server "B" with the reserved IP.
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