API to be able to check instance availablity

There should be an api available , through which auto check for each region size of instances availability can be checked. Not like the status page but complete detail like example in germany region up to 8gb 4 core instance available etc

This will allow to update stats for users so that if there is no capacity we will not allow our users to register for that capacity instance when needed


  • If I understand your request properly, can you retrieve the information needed from the API via Plans and Regions?

    Plans - Retrieve a list of all active plans. Plans that are no longer available will not be shown.


    Regions - Retrieve a list of the VPSPLANIDs currently available in this location.


    Let me know if that isn't the information you are looking for. Thanks!

  • Yes that is what i was looking for , thank you pointing it out

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