Server showing as suspended replied to ticket.


Our server is showing as suspended we did not get the original messages warning there was an issue as they went to spam so were unable to look into the issue and aonly became aware when we went and saw it was suspended today.

We responded to the ticket and got a response after 10 minutes aqnd immediately replied immediately and have heard nothing since and this was nearly 2 hours ago now.

We really need to get this server unsuspended so we can do something about it and our employees can work.

Plus all our data and databases are on this server it is a total nightmare for us and as you can imagine a stressful worry.

If there is anyone here who can assist we would really appreciate it!



  • Ticket ID #OZH-55MUP

  • Thank you for the information. I see you are in contact with our support engineers and working to resolve the issue. For your security and privacy, please continue to communicate with support via the support ticket.

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