Account Termination (hacked websites on server with vultr)

I've got an account with vultr with approx 6 servers, mainly used for web hosting.

One of these servers is running cPanel with approx 300 users.

One of my users on this server has a reseller account with approx 70 websites. Many of his websites have been hacked.

Vultr notified me multiple times in the previous weeks and my client has cleaned up his sites each time. I've not suspended him, although I probably should have.

On the 2020-05-03 I received a ticket with an abuse complaint regarding a website which I had suspended (so the abuse complaint was false).

I replied saying it was suspended,

They replied with this:

"We are providing notice of our intent to discontinue service to this account effective May 07, 2020 at 11:00 am EST"

Unfortunately I haven't been checking emails properly for a couple of days.

Tonight I get the following message:

"The data backup period for this account has passed, and service will now be suspended in preparation for final closure."

So now my ~6 servers and all websites / web apps I host are gone, apparently deleted.

Has anyone else had this experience? Have they seriously deleted all my servers including the ones that weren't infected?

My entire business depends on this. I'm happy to work with them, and either remove the entire cPanel server, or terminate the client with the hacked websites.

Am hoping they haven't deleted everything....


  • I have Same Experience

    My server got banned, I have send ticket but very slow respon

    my server runing for online shop

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