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I would like to know what is the maximum "speed" of a NIC adapter on a server?

I see many discussions about the bandwidth, and bandwidth billing calculation, but my question is more like - can we use a video server with hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users, requiring let's say 2mbps down stream each, or is there a limit?

I understand that this will likely be a very large data usage, which is ok, as long as the NIC can support such a large number of simultaneous data streams.

Thank you very much!


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    Vultr ensures that server instances will not experience bottlenecks on the Vultr network infrastructure. However, bandwidth and latency across the internet vary significantly due to factors such as:

    • Capacity of the intermediate network links.

    • Congestion on the network route.

    • Proxies or VPNs in use.

    • Speed of the remote client system.

    Many other factors also apply, including the protocol and application used. For example, video streaming may experience a CPU bottleneck well before saturating the network. It is not simple to predict performance for a particular application without testing. If your server instance is not performing as expected, please open a support ticket so we can resolve the issue.

    When creating a ticket, it's useful to have an MTR report. Here's how to create one.



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