web connection not working

i created vps on vultr using zorin-os-9-lite-32-a.iso .


512mb ram, 2.5usd per month plan, ipv6 on vultr.com.

It installed successfully. But the problem is internet not working on vps.

i tried to configure manually ipv6 using edit connections. still not working.

when i open firefox only google.com page working any other domains not working.

please help me.

thank you


  • Hello,

    Vultr maintains the infrastructure of the platform, but not individual instances. Our services are self-managed. You are responsible for the administration of the VPS instance deployments on your account. In the event that you have difficulties making a deployment, or performing some other task within the my.vultr.com portal, please open a support ticket.


    We offer an extensive community library of tutorials at:



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