One-Click OpenVPN vs. Access Server

I have a Vultr VPS instance on which I installed a now-obsolete version of OpenVPN a while ago. I want to update OpenVPN. There are a few minor unrelated things that I have on this instance that aren't crucial.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages, other than a few clicks, in One-Click OpenVPN, which deploys a new instance, as compared with installing OpenVPN's Access Server myself on my current instance? OpenVPN seems to make installing Acesss Server very easy. I need only one concurrent connection at a time, so licensing is not an issue. Is Vultr's One-Click providing something in the background that I should know about?


  • Hello,

    Yes, the One-Click OpenVPN has a pre-configured firewall and Cockpit installed.

    If you need to preserve your existing IP address or just want to try the One-Click app on your existing server, you can re-install by choosing Settings > Change Application on the server information page. This will completely wipe the server. Make a snapshot for easy restoration first.

    --- David

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