Help with API Command


I need to create an server over API with cPanel installed im using the below command

curl -s -d 'DCID=34&VPSPLANID=202&APPID=38&OSID=167'

But it was installing the server only with OS (cPanel not installing)


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    Hello when trying to create a server with one of our images aka "applications" you have to specify a different OSID like we do with SNAPSHOT's and ISO's when making these calls to the api. But when specifying an application like CPANEL you need to give the OSID of 186.

    Try giving this api call a shot.

    curl -H 'API-Key: {YOUR-API-KEY}' --data 'DCID=34' --data 'OSID=186' --data 'APPID=38' --data 'VPSPLANID=202'

    Ideally we want you to use our v2 API going forward as the v1 api is going to be deprecated at some point in the future you can view our current v2 documentation at

    This hurdle you experienced is resolved in v2 and makes it easier for developers like yourself to interact with our api.

    Hope this helps

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