s3cmd and Vultr Object Storage

I set up an Object Store on Vultr and followed the directions for using s3cmd. The documentation for Vultr's Object Storage has the URL for the storage beginning with https://. However, after running s3cmd --configure and in using s3cmd the URL for the buckets becomes s3://. Further in the .s3cfg file it appears that Amazon AWS is being used to manage the object storage. For example this line is in the .s3cfg file:

simpledb_host = sdb.amazonaws.com

and in addition other lines appear that reference Amazon's service and not Vultr's service.

s3cmd works with Vultr objects using s3:// URLs and not https:// URLS. This is concerning to me.


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    When you configure s3cmd for Vultr Object Storage, the .s3cfg file contains some references to AWS. They are unused, default values. You may comment them out, or remove them completely. They are not required. Vultr Object Storage is completely separate from AWS S3.

    Vultr Object Storage uses an s3-compatible API that is supported by s3cmd and documented on their wiki page.

    The s3:// URLs indicate "s3" protocol, which is normal and expected.

    --- David

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