High Frequency in London disappeared?

For some time, the only High Frequency available in London has been a 1GB ram server. I've been waiting for a 2GB to become available.

Now I see that London has disappeared off the list completely - no "sold out" banner, it's just gone!

Does this mean High Frequency won't be coming to London any more?


  • Hello,

    The London location is sold out of High Frequency Compute at this time. We are expanding High Frequency in London, more inventory is coming soon.

    Thank you,

    --- David

  • @dfin Thanks for the response. That's good news. My requirement isn't urgent.

    Can I point out a confusing inconsistancy in your web site? :

    If you go to "Deploy new server", then "cloud compute", if you scroll down, at the end of the site list it shows "London - sold out" - hovering over that gives you a choice to get an alert when new stock is in place.

    If you now go to "Deploy new server" then chose "high frequency", instead of saying "London - sold out" it doesn't show London at all - implying the option will not be available at all..

    Cheers, Jamie

  • Hello @jamie, this issue you experienced has been resolved.



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