Vultr downgraded the High Frequency CPUs?

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Using a $24 VPS in Dallas-TX for 9 months now with CPU MHz: 3792.000.

Yesterday I created a new $24 VPS in Miami-FL and it has CPU MHz:  3696.046

It's a difference of 96 MHz in each VCpu. VPS has 2 VCpu.

I want to hear something from Vultr.


  • Hello,

    We do not publish the exact hardware specifications for High Frequency hosts, as they are subject to change over time due to upgrades and replacement. You should expect the reported CPU frequency from the hypervisor to vary at times. 

    As the name suggests, clock frequencies are higher on High Frequency Compute plans than standard Cloud Compute plans, but clock frequency alone is not a good measure of overall performance. The number of cores, instructions retired per clock cycle, instruction classes (i.e. integer vs floating-point vs SIMD), CPU cache sizes, and RAM bandwidth are critical to determining overall throughput for any real workload. Real-world testing is the only reliable measurement of performance for a specific task and input workload.

    We publish Geekbench scores for each plan on our website to estimate the relative performance between plans. Our High Frequency Compute instances meet or exceed the advertised Geekbench scores. 

    Thank you,

    --- David

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