By the gods $250 disappeared into thin air

So I put in the wrong address, yes that's my bad, the payment was declined twice.

I rechecked the addressed and fixed it. The payment was completed, it was taken out of my account and sent to VULTRHOLDINGSLLC.

I have opened a ticket and dear god, your support legit are the least constructive support team I've come across in a while. I gave them evidence and I told them my problem.

The top up for the free $50 was upon first top-up of more than $100.


My ticket fully explained that there are no pending transactions I've spent hours on the phone with the bank in order to confirm this. And that gave me a statement which even said that the payment was successful.

All your support staff has done is legit, tell me oh it might be in pending transactions which I said there isn't any. Oh well the system did not accept these transactions. Yes it did, because my money went out of my bank to VULTRHOLDINGSLLC unless there is some company out there with the exact same name.

We're sorry for an inconvenience this might have caused. Well that still doesn't explain where $250 went?


Grant Fletcher


  • Hello,

    To protect your privacy, please see the support ticket for updated information.

    --- David

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