Vultr + namecheap installation


I have previously made a vultr centos with cpanel but wanted to try centos web panel instead because it's cheaper.

I think I have done things in wrong order and not so experienced so could someone share some light on the steps to take.

(The error I have right now is I have a main page that works and added 10 subdomains, like,, but everytime I enter those domain I am redirected to root of

  1. After I create a server on vultr is the first thing I need to do is change host name? I think I missed this important step before.
  2. Is it always that we enter and in namecheap? I saw in centos web mail it says something about Here I am struggling to understand why and difference :)
  3. What do I enter in nameservers in centos web panel?
  4. What is the correct way of naming host name in vultr at start? Just anything like Will that blah be important somewhere in the web panel menu?

I hope you can shed some light here. Thanks

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