Error Establishing a Database Connection

I have 3 WP sites, 2 of them on a 1GB memory server and 1 of them on an 8gb one.

The two on 1GB servers keep going offline with the message "Error Establishing a Database Connection"

These are very basic websites with woocommerce and a few plugins and only a couple of dozen products yet they keep crashing. Surely 1GB is enough memory? Or do I need a new host?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello,

    There are many possibilities for this issue. This sounds like a good candidate question to post on

    We monitor topics that mention Vultr on Stack Exchange and consult with the experts in that community for WordPress questions.

    --- David

  • Hi I asked the question on there and got this response:

    "Are you running MySQL on the same instance as the website? Have you set the memory limit for the database? I'd guess you'll see out of memory or allocation errors in the mysql logs after a failure. – Rup Feb 25 at 1:12

    • If you used the Vultr one-click WordPress set up then they ought to have set that up for you, so I'd ask them for help. – Rup Feb 25 at 15:34 

  • Hello,

    Please note that our staff is responsible for infrastructure and system critical functions of the platform itself, not for the administration of individual instances. You are responsible for the administration of the VPS instance and issues such as database errors and out-of-memory issues.

    In the event that you have difficulties deploying a one-click app, or performing some other task within your account portal, please open a support ticket. For example, if the one-click app fails to boot after a fresh deployment, please open a support ticket.

    We are monitoring your question in case any Vultr infrastructure topics are raised.

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