High vCPU load (300%) but low Disk Operations

Hi, I use 8GB High Frequency Instance to run my web app. Its run around 15 - 20 crontab php command that executed every 1 minutes. each job do around 10 - 50 times read & write to database (estimated).

The graph on vultr client area showed high cpu load (up to 300%) but quite low disk operation. is it normal? or I should start consider to upgrade my instance?

Thank You!


  • Hello,

    It's difficult to make any statement about what is normal, but it's possible the disk activity is low because the CPU is bottlenecked. The VPS has three cores, so if you are near 300% on the graph, you are using 100% of all three cores. There may be disk operations queued waiting for the CPU.

    The easiest way to answer the question may be to deploy a larger server and compare results.

    --- David

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