Multi Server One site?

I'm new to the VPS / Cloud scene.

I assumed I could assign an I.P. and pick multiple locations, but it turns out you pick 1 location per I.P.

What I would like is for my website (when accessed from Sydney) to go to the SYDNEY based server, and if someone came in from France it'd go to the PARIS based server.

Is this not possible? Is the "PRivate networking" feature somehow a part of this capability?

Thank you.


  • What you are looking for is "Geocast" or better: "anycast".

    "Anycast" will pick the quickest-linked server, which whilst generally the same as geocast, can be different based on network topology, and broken/congested routes.

    You can't set up anycast for your services - it can also be problematic, especially for TCP related services.

    You can achieve geographical related services using a geodns service - in this case, the servers still have individual ip addresses, but the IP address returned to the users DNS query will be the one they are geographocally closest too.

    I don't think the vultr DNS service offers this option, so you'll need to set up your own DNS servers, or use a 3rd party service that offers it:

    Another option that may work would be to use servers in a central location, but use cloudflare as a front end. They use routing to get your connections onto their network as close as possible to the user, and then use their own fast network to connect to your actual server. This may be good enough for your users unless you really need really low latency.

    Finally, ignore private networking for your case. That's used for efficiently connecting together two or more of your servers on the same site, useful for clustering and local load distribution, but not anything to do with geographic based servicing.


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