SMTP is blocked so... alternative?

So if SMTP is blocked, i feel like VULTR could at least point us in the right direction. What do we do? What's the alternative? What does VULTR recommend, which provider? Preferrably a free one :P?


  • You have to remember, the reason vultr is cheap is because it's an unmanaged provider - it's for experienced admins who know their job, but are just after the resources to use in their commercial environment. Vultr are providing the tools to do your job, they are not doing the job itself.

    Imagine a sysadmin working for a company. Due to a new launch, they need some extra servers temporarily, so decide to rent out stuff from vultr for the duration. They won't expect or want support, or want to pay for support.

    If you need any more than that, you should use a managed provider. I'm not saying this in a bitchy way, but you need to understand whilst vultr does provide a lot of documentation and support to be helpful, it's not part of the service if it doesn't relate to specific vultr issues with the service. They say that port 25 is blocked by default due to spam abuse - you can't expect them to then mention (and hence be accused of indorsing) 3rd party companies. You can find them yourself (as you have!!)

    Anyway.. if you have problems configuring your servers, you can post here, but it's pretty quiet here. You'd get better results posting on some help forum for the OS/product you are having issues with. The issues won't be peculiar to vultr, so your best bet for (say) postfix problems is a postfix forum.

    P.s. I don't work for vultr or have any connection with them, other than being a long standing customer.

  • Thank you for the honest answer :) - oh no i know the reason ... why i just figured... im happy with VULTR, if VULTR referred me to someone as good as them it'd be great :)

  • No worries. If you're still stuck, I'll try to help, but whilst I've been a sysadmin/Unix software/hardware developer for over 25 years, I've not done much with postfix, so it would be difficult to be able to point out where to look without seeing it for myself. If you can't find a postfix/opengrid forum to help you (the best option) feel free to ask me.

    Cheers, Jamie

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