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So after the SMTP drama I had with VULTR. I decided to go for an external service that i saw somewhere.

SENDGRID seems to have a nice free option to get the sites up and running at least. But I'm flabbergasted at how hard it was to setup.


I followed this guide, to install it via SSH.

But yet, I still cannot SEND emails, I can receive them just fine. the API is connecting, but e-mails just won't send. What am i doing wrong? :(

The DNS was all configured too FYI. I added everything asked into Cloudflare, and have cloudflare sync enabled. Or does VULTR also restrction SMTP from other servers? am i missing something?


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    I understand sendgrid uses authenticated connections on port 587. There's no vultr restriction with that, or indeed with receiving email, so you've gone wrong somewhere!

    Errors should be in your log files!

    The forums are quite quiet here. As your issue isn't vultr related, you'd probably get a better response posting on a postfix forum.

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