3 new locations in August

IMO it would be useful for the clients if Vultr could advance what are the 3 new locations planned to be launched in August.



  • We like surprises!
  • *snigger*

    Netpioneer, I'm sure there are real commercial reasons. I'm sure they realise we'd like to know... Maybe contracts are still being negotiated, or maybe they don't want to give a prior headsup to competitors?
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    Jamie, possibly there are commercial/marketing/technical reasons but I don't think Vultr would announce the launch of 3 new locations before contracts signed. Regarding the competitors IMO is just the oppositive. Knowing where Vultr will offer services in just a few days may postpone/change decisions of consumers planning to buy from competitors in that locations. Anyway what the competition could possibly do with this "couple of days" heads up that wouldn't do after general availabiliy? :-) Said that, I would like to be surprised with locations where I didn't just put in production a VPS from a competitor because I was unware of Vultr's imminent launch in that place :(
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    Fair points...

    As for contracts,'Location' could cover many possible datacentres in a city they could choose, but I concede that if they are launching this month, the contracts would have been done by now.

    And on reflection, I also have to agree with your other points about competitors advantage/disadvantage and also about not wanting to be in a situation where you've gone with someone else because you didn't know...

    I guess I wasn't thinking clearly last night!

    Oh well, it must be just as Dave said: They like surprises! :-)
  • I hope spain, russia, italy or turkey.
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    I would prefer Hong Kong, Brazil, and India. South Korea or Middle East would be great. Vultr's Frankfurt location is max 50ms RTT from everywhere in Europe. :-)

    But it seems we already have a winner and I would bet it is SINGAPORE ( because the network proximity to India even existing huge competition from Amazon AWS, MS Azure, DO -- but that didn't stop Vultr to launch in Japan :-) ). From another topic:

    1) Hong Kong
    2) South Korea
    3) Japan
    4) Singapore
    5) Vietnam

    DaveA [VULTR.com] 4:16PM
    Thanks @Faddat. We have a new location in your list above coming this month. We will be announcing it in 2-3 weeks.
  • any updates?
  • VULTR @TheVultr · Aug 22

    We're setting up in a couple new cities this week. We hope to have them operational next week!
  • Any chance of India?
  • I would be pretty damn impressed if they could keep a stable server farm running in India. New Delhi has the most screwed up power problems over there. :)
    Having said that, I would love India to be on Vultr's shortlist.
  • I hope South Korea.
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    I hope Singapore its probably reasonably said the best asia pacific location is in the pipeline.
  • Waiting for Singapore location :)
  • Vote for singapore. Will move my DO singapore to vultr.
  • I definitely vote for India, plz go Mumbai, India. Tons of Developer there, Be the first in Mumbai.
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  • Today Digital Ocean (DO) launched their first Indian location in Banglore, Vultr when are you launching. We are eagerly waiting. Because you have certain advantages over DO, like Storage instances, Block Storage, and mostly Windows.
  • i hope Vultr Singapore.
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