How to contact VULTR?

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VULTR website does not have any contact info such as phone number, email address, or physical address.
How to contact VULTR?

In some places: If you have any questions , you may contact us at
But clicking always goes to the FAQ page. Is there any way to contact VULTR? Thanks.


  • You can post on these forums for general questions, and once you fund your account you can access the support section in your members area.
  • I still think a phone is necessary. In case of immergency, for example, a server running mission critical app break down suddenly, but can not login into the website to create a ticket for some reason.
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    You may be more interested in a managed hosting solution, in that case. Being that Vultr is a self-managed service, prior to contacting Vultr you will have already checked your services to determine if it is something under your control. Given that fact, it's probably safe to say you logged in and tried to restart the server, at which point its a bit off to say you would "need" a phone number because you weren't around to look into it yourself.
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    Hello admin,
    Please help me.!
    I just created an account and have paid $ 100. I can send you proof of payment.
    But when I implement no email confirmation email is sent to all mailboxes.
    I try to log in again, it is not, use the password recovery function, the email notification is invalid. But when I try to create my account, then email notification has been used. I am very sad and worried. Hope you can help me solve this soon.

    My account [removed for privacy]
    Paypal account transfer payment time [removed for privacy]
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    A situation like this, a phone number is really needed for better customer care.
  • I just found it which might help

    Email: (general)

    Email: (terms violations)

  • Never trust a company that doesn't have a phone number!

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