Is "Double first payment" still valid?

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  • That promo has ended. :(
  • how long promo to begin again
  • We haven't announced any plans to start this promotion again.
  • @devicenull if you do this one again, may I humbly suggest offering doubling second payment (within the limits) , say, within the first week, or something like that?

    Bleaugh, that's not very clear. What I mean:

    When I first came to check out vultr, I was going to sign up with something like $10, so I could see whats-what before committing.

    When I saw the double-first-payment option, I decided NOT to join that day, as if I liked what I saw, I'd want to take full advantage of the offer, so I put things off for some time whilst I decided how to check your offerings another way. I even considered testing with a fake registration so that I could still make use of the offer.

    If the offer had then expired before I'd gotten around to testing, I may have not bothered, annoyed at missing out.

    In other words, the 'double first payment' had a negative affect on my joining.

    Most people want to test a new service before committing - Allowing them to register a minimal amount first, with the double-pay offer extended through (say) the first week would be much more fruitful, in my opinion.

  • @jamie I'm exactly the same, try before you buy, eh?

    Luckily I actually found out while the promo was still running, If your first payment was say $10 and had liked what you saw, you could put, say another $50 in, shoot the support team a message and they'd double it. All the way up too the $100.

    So additional payments could be doubled up to the original $100 - just not automatically.
  • @BensDaMan exactly!

    I also eventually ended up with the same deal - I topped up to the limit, and then sent support a ticket, but by this stage I'd already taken the plunge after reading reviews etc., but not for the full doubleable(?) amount.

    So, all's well that ends well etc., but it would have been better for Vultr if I'd known about it beforehand, and not just stumbled into it randomly.
  • Vultr has been very flexible in this respect: I had the same thought, but after a smaller initial deposit and good experience with the service for a few weeks, I was sold. A quick support ticket later & within 24 hours vultr had allowed me to maximize the double-your-deposit promo with my second deposit. No guarantee they'll always be able to do that sort of thing, but it's good to know they retain some flexibility of thought.
  • I was the same, I joined with $25 for a total of $50. I would've felt greedy asking for more after signing up.

    The promotion had a positive impact on me joining. It made me rush into it a little bit more than I might've done without the deal AND I made a bigger initial deposit than I would've done otherwise, which was incentive for me to stick around. Without the promotion, I may have put off joining Vultr and found somewhere else in that time (glad I didn't).

    If Vultr wanted to start another promotion, I think there needs to be some kind of 'trial' first. Maybe a free $5 on signup, and your first deposit is doubled. This can be abused quite easily, unfortunately, but I think it would be great for genuine people.

  • Now it works again. But I did not find any information when I finished registration and I decided to join with zero. Now I kind of regret and can I have this double charge before any deployment?
  • This promotion has been expired for well over a year now, and is no longer available.
  • Well,that is the issue why I made a mistake: No official information!
    It is shown not available but if you sign up with a credit card I am sure you would see a up-to-$250 double payment options. At least 3 days ago it works.
  • The promo is listed nowhere on our website, and you certainly do not see anything about it if you sign up with a credit card. We really can't control the various third party sites that indicate this is still available.
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