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What, if any, DDoS protection do you offer for your servers?
Should my server get DDoS attacked, will it just get null routed until I can contact support?


  • We do not offer any sort of DDOS protection. If you're hit with an attack, you may be null routed. We will not always be able to lift this immediately.
  • I too heard ddos being marketed as included
  • I use vultr combined with incapsula for premium services and staminus/intreppid for budget ddos protection. I havn't had any problems with incapsula at all, and minor problems with staminus.

    If you dont have critical services inreppid is fine and starts at $100 a month.
  • @devicenull
    Will there ever be any DDoS protection under the Vultr name?
    (such as an add-on like additional IPs, that shift an instance to a protected physical machine)?

    DDoS protection would be a great bonus to have here.
  • At this point, I'm not sure. It's a possibility that we will offer this in the future, but I don't have any definitive information.
  • http://www.x4b.net/protection/overview

    You might want to look into them for a cheap option until Vultr adds something.
  • CloudFlare's business plan is highly recommended for DDoS protection (they don't charge for bandwidth or cap the attack size either): https://www.cloudflare.com/plans
  • @xxdesmus - Cloudflare is not a great option for sites that have small, if any income though.

    Personally I think x4b would be a better option unless you needed that kind of protection that cloudflare offers. x4b is enough for a small website, and a few game servers.
  • +1 , although I found your offering extremely interesting I had to choose another KVM provider because of lack of DDoS protection
  • You could always setup a gre tunnel to a cheap vps with ddos protection (not sure if we are allowed to name them here?). Maybe in the future VULTR will add ddos protection services, they have been pretty great about adding new features so far.
  • Hope DDOS protection will be provided soon :)
  • Forget DDOS protection:

    I keep worrying that my servers will be attacked by a bunch of "C:\> " strings in black boxes, so I would love DOS protection.

  • DDOS protection has been enabled on the dedicated instances for a few weeks now: https://www.vultr.com/pricing/dedicatedcloud/
  • Hello,
    Is it possible to enable DDos protection for a simple VPS (surely, including an extra fee) in the future?
  • @levsan while this is not possible currently, we may offer that as an add-on down the road.
  • +1 for DDOS protection as a paid add on to existing instances
  • All

    It appears DDOS is offered Free as part of the Dedicated compute offering.

  • Could someone confirm the state of things now? It looks like DDOS protection is included on the dedicated instances and is $10 per month on the compute instances?
  • @trwww this is correct.
  • @mike could you update this page then:


    It says DDOS is currently only available for dedicated cloud instances.
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