Data center in Russian Federation

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Now you have a lot of locations. Can you also add Russian Federation?
Regards, ezzo.


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    I'm assuming you are all in, or close to, Russia.

    What other advantages are there for others?

    Not trolling here, it would be interesting to know.

    E.g. I know London is good for Europe, LA for US West and southwards, NY/NJ for US East, and also a major hub to elsewhere.

    There have been discussions here in the past about the best places in Asia, based on network centrality and reliability, cost, etc. It would be interesting to those of us who want to 'spread our wings' to know why other areas would be good!
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    Regarding Russia, I guess one reason is not be part of the European Union (EU) and not be subject to US political influence (or the long arm of the US law), however ordering hosting in Russia from an American company is pointless in this case.
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