Grouping servers in the control panel

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It would be useful if we could assign servers as custom group name (e.g. "Web", "Load Balancer", "Worker" etc), and for servers to be displayed in these groups under "My Servers". Linode offers this option, and it makes it a lot easier to manage a large number of servers.


  • Yes absolutely. This was actually a feature on the drawing board =)
  • What happened to this feature? Is the drawing board getting dusty? :smile:

    It's now 2019 and Google Cloud Platform does this very well:

    1. Organisation - can represent one of my customers
    2. Project - can represent one of my customer's projects nested in the organisation or one of my own internally
    3. Billing Account - at least one per organisation, but the possibility to have more
    4. Group Sharing - a Group (organisation/project) can be "owned" by ownership can change, so our customers don't feel locked into a vendor, and so they can have a level off direct access for themselves without seeing other customers/projects.

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    Thank you for your feedback.

    We did end up adding a "tag" feature in our portal which allows customers to group resources and sort them by "tag" to achieve the goal of this original request.

    I see you are looking for more advances features here. We do offer a sub-users management component which enables lower privilege access and resource sharing and have continued to make improvements there as well - recently adding SSO - but we do have some new ideas and more updates to add the future!
  • yes, such a future is really needed and all of your competitors, are doing Sub-accounts (so you can give access of a few servers to a user of users), defining Projects so one can define access levels, see the cost of each project separately, etc.

    These are really really needed, and I don't think adding them should be a very complex project. I can see people requested similar things from 2014, that's five years ago.
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