[WordPress] is ServerPilot + Vultr fastest control panel?

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Will my WordPress site run faster using Vultr if I manage server with https://serverpilot.io/ control panel? I am not expert. I want panel not just server.


  • Server Pilot is good, but I dont like a panel that lives in the cloud. For some reason, it felt a bit disconnected. And you dont know what's going on in the background.
  • You could try setting up VestaCP, it's very easy to install and is a breeze to setup for newbies.
  • I tried a few vultr droplets and configurations but was never able to make it work with ServerPilot . It never connected to the server after installation.
  • I'm a bit confused to try ns server to my domain and i serching at google not find article how to use vultr.com to live my domain still stack on ip/apps/mydomain/public
  • I think you may try easy engine. I had used ServerPilot, but they give limited control, and I dont want to spend bucks on it. Instead I Try VestaCP, but it is also a big pain in my ass, as its hard to manage and create wordpress blog.

    Research about EasyEngine, and you would be shocked with its easy access. Or, if you want I can prepare a tutorial for you for free!
  • easy engine is paid ? what are the free options ?
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