Two Factor Authentication for

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I would feel more secure at night.


  • +1 too
  • strongly agree, plus droplet+back up solution. otherwise can only be used as a test platform
  • Two factor auth is on our to-do list and it will be added to the control panel soon.
  • Yeah, for a more strongly security and to prevent possible loss of our accounts. This feature could be used with Google Authenticator or Authy (or both).
  • Huge +1 also. Can't consider using Vultr for anything serious until that's an option.
  • +1 security is never enough!
  • This feature is now available. To configure it, please visit the settings section of your customer portal.
  • +1 for this feature
  • Thanks, works fine!
  • @mike well done :)
  • @mike - texts are not being sent. Had to disable.
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    @Darky - if the phone number was previously registered with Authy, the Vultr access info would automatically be added to your app without an additional text. If this is not the case, you can open a support ticket ( and we can troubleshoot your particular issue further.
  • doesnt work, please add manual qr setup
  • Manual QR setup is not feasible, as Authy uses it's own system. Please open a ticket if you are having issues with this, it's difficult to troubleshoot via the forums.
  • coinbase does both, you should too, stop being lazy. i had authy but no longer trust them.
  • It's rather trivial to use Google Authenticator alongside Authy in this case, may be something to consider having your developers implement. Some people do not perfer active two factor authentication methods (one where internet or network connectivity is required). Essentially a token device such as Google Authenticator would suffice as a non-connected 2 factor device.

    A yubikey system would be interesting, however the percentage of the general public that own a yubikey device is frankly rather small, more so than the amount of people with SMS on a cellphone.
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