How can I delete vultr account and delete the visa info

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I paid 10 USD with no well marked information. And I feel unsafe for my visa information. Is there a way to delete the info from unsafe billing?


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    Bleugh. Don't Vultr let you delete credit cards? I hadn't noticed that.

    That sort of thing generally annoys me - especially when it's for a service that you pay for upfront. I can see no justification for it.

    I recently cancelled a cloud service I never used (SugarSync) and it wouldn't let me delete the information.

    Support said as the account was paid up until December, it would remain active until then, but as I've now flagged it, it will be deleted on that date instead of being renewed.

    They said they keep the information on file 'in case I changed my mind'. I told them that that wasn't going to happen, and if I did, I would...... DUUUUUUUR re-enter my details.

    "Computer says no" (to quote Little Britain) was effectively their response.

    So, I said 'well, delete the account *now* - I'm not after a refund.

    Again "Computer says no".

    In these days of large credit card details being hacked, and banks renaming 'fraud' (their problem) to 'identity theft' (our problem), I think this is rediculous.

    I wasn't planning on using SugarSync again anyway, but after this, I definitely won't.

    Even though it doesn't affect me (I want my card on file with Vultr) I'd humbly urge Vultr to allow people to delete *their* credit card info.

    Sure, leave it there if people want it, but refusing to delete it serves no purpose than to maybe cause some or all of the following:

    1) Customers replace details with fake details. (It's not fraud if you never intend to use it)
    2) Customers cancel/replace credit cards (here in the UK at least you can cancel a card
    for free and get a free replacement within 2 days)
    3) Annoy customers to the detriment of the company.
    4) Annoy customers enough that they write long rants like this one :-)

    Or am I wrong? If I've missed something here, I'd love to know what!
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    If the service is billed by resource usage some providers need some guarantee the client will pay that usage. It is the case of giants like Microsoft's Azure and HP Cloud as well much smallers like While using the services I don't see anything wrong in keeping the credit card information (sacred cow Amazon keeps it forever) but I agree the client should be able to remove the card at any time if it is not using paid services.
  • @Netpioneer cheers.

    Can't they just disable the account when it goes overdrawn? I'd expect they'd have to do that anyway, if the credit card had since been invalidated, as they wouldn't know until charging it.

    And yeah, I'm ok with it being kept for a service I'm using, if I trust them (though even so, there is no need for it, and many services I use which use a similar account 'top up' mechanism) won't keep this info kept on file (at least, visibly ;-) ) unless requested.

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    @jamie > Can't they just disable the account when it goes overdrawn?

    IMO, if both are serious (client and provider), account disable is the last action a provider should take.

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    Our system does not allow you to remove your default method of payment in order to prevent interruption of service.

    However, if you put in a support ticket our billing team will manually disable your default payment option from autopay. Handling it in this manner allows us to reference customer consent down the line in case there are questions about service interruptions due to lack of funds.

    Please keep in mind: we do not store full credit card details on our systems so having an active default method on does not create an additional security risk for you.
  • @Netpioneer > IMO, if both are serious (client and provider), account disable is the last action a provider should take.

    That makes sense, but shouldn't it be up to the client? But yeah, anyway, my reply turned into a general rant against some sites where this behaviour isn't as appropriate as it is with Vultr..

    Just ignore me, I'm just a moaning old git!

    @Mike that's a fair point, actually, and a nice way to handle it - the customer can get what they want, and Vultr has an audit trail if a customer gets cuts off and moans about it.

    I also didn't know you could take payments without storing full details. Is there some sort of 'token' you can reuse that's handed to you after the first payment goes through?
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    @Jamie > but shouldn't it be up to the client?

    Yes and in Vultr it is a client decision what to do in case of bandwidth overage.

    Bandwidth Preferences

    I think for all other cases the client can stop/destroy manually the service(s) at his earliest convenience instead expecting Vultr disable the account due lack of funds. Anyway, the procedure suggested by Mike covers everything if you can afford your VMs down/removed due lack of a default method of payment :-)
  • @Netpioneer I don't disagree!

    I just think it's a bit bad when companies refuse to remove credit card details after the transaction hax been processed, but yes, as Mike has clarified, this general rant of mine isn't applicable to Vultr, so I fear I've strayed off-topic (or, off-company at least!)

  • @Jamie I see!

    IMO the public cloud thing is a high risk business for providers and near risk free for customers -- a company may by mistake charge your card a wrong amount (but hardly you will pay) or have client data compromised (rare and a possibility using any merchant, online or not). What would be the other risks? But the client may use the VMs to support illegal activities, perpetrate frauds, attacks, etc causing a lot of troubles and costs to the provider which TRUSTED the client in bona fide for just few *cents*. It is curious this one way kind of trust -- to think a provider may make bad use of credit card data while the real risk here is the client :-)
  • @Netpioneer Good points actually. The amount of 'damage' a user could do via Vultr is very high.

    I guess I was being a bit niaeve in thinking that we are legit; the company is legit; but we have to watch out for those evil credit card hackers!

    I still think my point stands for the company that I mentioned that is holding onto my info even though the account is dormant, and I said they could shut it down immediately.

    Still, not a problem with Vultr, just something to be wary of with some companies, who may get a big breach long after you've stopped doing business with them, yet you could still be affected... I'd assumed they do what they could to limit that risk!

    Anyway, the accounts I use for online use have 'enough' credit, and no more. My millions(!) are kept elsewhere [ just don't go looking in that box under my bed! ]
  • That's the reason that I only pay online services with Paypal, to avoid such problems in the future.
    always have your vultr account with a positive balance for at least two months and
    when you want to leave, just destroy the droplets and leave.
  • I'll just get a new card issued. It's about time I got one with a nice photo on it! :-)

  • @Mike I want to remove my credit card too...How can I?

    I don't think the remove operation should be forbidden. It's too violent for users.

    Maybe you just need to ensure the user to have at least one method for billing, then you can support the remove when users offer 2 billing methods.

    Please tell me how to remove my credit card, I don't want it to be logged in such an impolite website.
  • @willkan simply submit a support ticket to disable autopay on your account permanently (or remove just remove the active card)
  • For those that can't remove credit card - Obviously submitting a ticket is the ideal way (but handy for other providers) use a test visa number and (any expire date).

    I say this because a provider in the past refused to remove my credit card even though I ask for a "extension on the invoice" and they kept trying to bill it when it was over limit so i got a $35 fine from my bank everyday... they tried charging...
  • The company I tried that with performed a charge-back verification thingie :(
  • Hello, can you give me the link to submit a support ticket to disable autopay?
  • This is Truly and GENUINELY absurd. You know EXACTLY what your end game is... No method to remove previously entered payment methods is one thing. No method to terminate account is another. Hadn't even realized my account was still active...took 20 minutes of forum research to find this page, and that I'm by no means alone. You need to make this Right...As in Yesterday.
  • As long as you you don't have active services on your account, your account is considered inactive and will not accumulate new charges.

    To remove your instances, simply log in to your customer portal and choose "Server Destroy"
  • Still strange & unusual to not being able to delete one's account.
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