Hong Kong Location?

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First of all, I'd like to thank the team at VULTR for providing amazing service, pricing and reliability to my servers; I am extremely pleased at the level of commitment that I have been receiving and you guys have never failed to impress me.

I'm starting this discussion to see whether or not a HK location has been considered in the future. I believe some of us (including me) would benefit from being able to deploy VPS'es in the HK region, so that we can target traffic in the China region without the whole GFWC issues in China.

Keep up the good work guys!


  • HK <-> Mainland China traffic is routed through GFWC.
  • Singapore is the only possibility at this time. We will continue to explore opportunities in China but nothing is being planned for HK or the mainland at this time.
  • Vote for Singapore :)
  • Vote for HK!

    Softlayer already developed the hongkong servers.
  • Softlayer HK


    1TB $70
    5TB $577
    10TB $1,064
    20TB $1,558
  • @Netpioneer
    HK do not have Internet censorship, which means that by setting up a VPN in HK, mainland traffic can bypass GFW with low latency .

    BTW, vote for HK
  • @hkcsser
    So what? The VPN (double) traffic is accounted in (expensive) HK and the latency depends on the route miles between consumer and the content provider server. Moreover a growing number of video/radio/content sites allows access only to visitors from selected countries/regions.
  • Wait VULTR HongKong location.
  • +1 Hongkong location best witih CN2 line. might able to co-op with pachosting?
  • which is better? Japan or Singapore, if the targeted audiences are from Mainland China?
  • There's only one way to find out......


    (Apologies for the fact this will probably only be understood by UK people! )
  • If you have access logs/IPs for your end users, you can test pings using our looking glass from each location:


  • Probably Japan. Singapore can actually be closer to Hong Kong latency-wise, but much of the population is in the East of China and it should go over cables directly from Japan. Of course, peering/transit matters. A VPS in Hong Kong is likely to be even better... with the right transit.

    In my limited experience Singapore is best along the coast from India to southern Vietnam; but once you get to the north, Hong Kong and Japan starts to be a better bet. The Philippines can be a bit of a toss-up - again, the north might be best-served from Japan, but I've seen latencies vary significantly - so test it first.

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