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It hasn't happened yet, but I bet it will: the time I destroy the main server, running OS xxxx, at location yyy, instead of the test server, also running OS xxxx, at location yyy.

I would love it if you could cater to my stupidity, by adding a 'server lock' button to the 'manage server' page.

Once set, all 'critical' options (stop/restart/reinstall/destroy etc.) for that server are greyed out and replaced with a link that takes you specifically to another page (rather than just a checkbox) for unlocking the server back to normal.

Us stupids would be eternally grateful (as would I'm sure the drunks, the irresponsible, and the clumsy!)


  • +1 would save alot of heartaches for those absent minded folks
  • +1 - I can see drunken weekends with issues like this.
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    "Enable 2 factor auth with breathalyzer" feature? :)
  • +1 I can see this happening to myself one day...
  • Ahhhh. How much a breathalyzer on the computer would have saved me from embaressments in the past..
  • +1, I too would like to see this feature, it would be like an extra layer of security :). Any updates on if this will be available?
  • I see now that one can not remove a brand new instance for the first minute or two due to the instance being "locked" (snapshot in progress/storage resizing etc) - please let us turn this on manually if desired.
  • +1
    Option to Lock & Unlock servers would be great.
  • @mike Is something that has been potentially added to the to do list?
    I admit, ive already hit the re-install button by accident mid-way through a fresh install thankfully.

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    @ahbit I'll see if we can move this up on the priority chart since there is some interest.
  • We've added an additional confirmation on potentially destructive actions to help prevent unintended loss of data (for example: on reinstall / destroy / change OS / etc)
  • @mike looks good :) cheers.
  • @mike Sorry, I don't think that helps in it's current form.

    The whole point of locking a server is that you'll get a rude awakening if you try to perform an operation on a server that you've locked down.

    Only by intentionally unlocking it via a seperate menu option can you then rerun the command if desired. (Ideally, a seperate management page would be used to change lock/unlock status on machines, meanwhile in the normal management pages, locked servers have the critical operation buttons greyed out - or to ease confusion, only exist to pop up an error message the machine is locked.)

    Extending the 'are you sure?' doesn't help when the main problem people are worried about is operating on the wrong server!

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had multiple tabs on the management interface for different servers open at the same time!

    At the very least, couldn't you get the popup to display the server location/label/create date as part of its prompt?

    Just my thoughts anyway!
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    Hi Jamie, I was going to suggest adding the label/info to the popup as well so thanks for confirming that thought - we will definitely add this. The labels can then be used to note the critical importance of the instance.

    When examining this feature further, we've found that it may cause more confusion to the general user than necessary and we'd prefer to find a simpler solution without having to force users to lock an instance.
  • @mike ok, fair enough - having the label/info would be a huge improvement, so I'll be happy with that :-)

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