the back up solution from vultr is really expensive

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compared with DO and Linode, I have a 8g ram package from Linode with backup service is 100$, much cheaper


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    Which service specifically are you talking about? Aside from snapshots, we don't offer a separate backup package.
  • linode offer them both for 20$ for a 8g ram node, 192gb ssd space, 6 core cpu, so the total is 80$+20$ back up(snapshot+daily weekly+monthly)
  • 120GB at 2¢ per GB per month is $2.40, on the high end.
    15GB at 2¢ per GB per month is 30¢, on the low end.

    Now, high-storage instances of course work differently, but there you aren't paying much for storage in the first place so it distorts the math.

    If you're saying "well, daily/weekly/monthly backups add up price-wise", sure. But DO charges 20% of droplet pricing across the board for backups. You end up with some fuzzy math because the droplet vs. Vultr server disk space amounts are different, but you can basically store two or three snapshots for the price DO charges for its backup service. Which isn't bad at all. Particularly since you can actually automate snapshot creation without really affecting your server (vs. DO where unless you use their backup service the droplet goes offline while you create the image).

    If you're really focused about keeping costs to an absolute minimum, base all of your servers off of a small snapshot, and update the snapshot when you want to make changes, and back up a server off of that snapshot when needed. If you need a beefier server, just build one off the small snapshot and it'll expand to fill the disk space. If you actually need all that extra disk space then you want a larger image anyway (which, again, is $2.40 per image per month on the $70/mo plan).

    tl;dr: Vultr's images are quite reasonably priced, and they offer some nice bonuses vs. DO's setup.

    n.b.: I help admin a few dozen droplets, so anything I say about DO is from experience. Also, I'm about as excited about Vultr now as I was about DO when I found out about it. Which is saying a lot.
  • I guess you didn't see the previous vultr's price model, I currently running my server on linode,
    80$+20$(snapshot+daily backup), monthly charge
    on vultr
    70$+70$ snapshot(monthly without backups)

    and I found they give free try on snapshots now, see the price difference?
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