Allow purchasing of additional monthly bandwidth like per 100GB-1TB or something along that line

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Vultr should do what 99.9% providers do, offer additional bandwidth for customers who wish to avoid be overaged by purchasing ahead of time and in bulk. It should of course be reflected by the cost of the location the VM is in, for instance it would be cheapest to purchase US/Europe but most expensive in Australia.


  • +1, I guess for the AU & JP PoP's, you would get 5x less. :)
  • I'm not sure if I'd ever use this, but I can see it being very useful for a lot of purposes so +1 from me, too.
  • +1 Makes sense. Also the bandwidth in some plans doesnt increase in proportion. Perhaps fix that too.
  • that's a good point even if I'm not using it , if they only made it possible to choose your vps species :(
  • I really need more bandwidth about 500GB for my server location in Japan. I think Vultr should provide the feature for customer. It's helpful
  • I too would like to see some way of purchasing extra bandwidth (and/or pooling bandwidth between hosts). Usually my servers use less than 10% of their bandwidth, but I have one that rockets up sometimes. Being able to pay a few extra dollars for that one server to have more bandwidth, or being able to share bandwidth between hosts, would be great.
  • +1
    Incredibly useful if/when a VPS starts to see more traffic, where an increase of RAM, CPU & HDD is not needed - for example websites hosted on a VPS
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    Hm.. Interesting how there has been no official reply.. yet.. @DaveA @mike @devicenull @maul
  • @Bensdaman we don't yet have an official ETA to offer BW pre-purchasing right now but we are definitely reviewing the feedback submitted so far and have been looking into various solutions including selling bigger bandwidth packages, bandwidth pooling between multiple servers, and possibly even modifying the standard bandwidth offerings in our lower quota regions.
  • I fee that pooling badwidth would be an easier option but only if in the same center. This would allow available bandwidth to be used and would prevent oyu form running out of bandwidth in centers where pooling was done through all of the locations.

    Single location--Vultr already knows max bandwidth that can be used
    Multiple location pooling-- pooling can be done from everywhere and overload the network.
  • Sounds good @mike
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    Just here to +1.

    Pooling and/or pre-purchase bandwidth is definitely needed in Syd/Jpn POPs.

    For example with Syd plans:

    I'm currently on the 400GB/month = 7$

    For more bandwidth i would need to jump to the next plan which is $15 for a measly 600GB + unneeded resources. This works out to be an additional 8$ for 200GB or 114% for 50%.

    I would be more than happy to pay an additional 5-7$ for the 400GB without any resource upgrades.
  • Hello guys.

    Im a relatively new vultr user, I was assuming bandwidth was just calculated and charged if it was over the package limit? Am I wrong in saying this?

    I have a UK vultr server that will probably go over the 2000GB usage limit, there is no option to upgrade due to resource limitations, what should I expect if the server does go over 2000GB before the month is up? Surely vultr wont stop the server until the next months fresh 2000GB limit starts again? Well I really hope that isnt the case anyway!

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    Hi Jim,

    While by default this option is OFF, you do have the option to stop your servers when a certain percentage of your bandwidth cap is used on this page:

    Overage is currently billed at $0.02/GB and bandwidth caps reset on the 1st of every month. Some more info is available in our FAQ:
  • +1 for this feature !
  • +1 for this feature.. I'm not able to manage multiple websites on my VP with limited bandwith ._.

  • Unfortunately this thread is really old and it seems clear that we will never see this implemented. But I will also say +1 because I too really want this.

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