guaranteed vCPU speed

Offer guaranteed vCPU speed
No Overselling Guarantee


  • I think you will see in longer term tests that our vCPU speeds remain quite constant. We will think about changing the language to offer a certain speed, guaranteed.
  • Also know georges01, that vCPU isnt a real dedicated cpu, so while their speed is pretty fast from my test, it is not guaranteed to be like that since anyone could end up attempting to use all the vCPU on their server which *might* impact the performance of other servers.
  • Without prying too much, do you have any figures to show regarding overselling?

    I understand that to run this sort of business, slight overselling is necessary, but even just a single percentage figure would help us understand what we're in for.

    Eg: 48 cores / 60 VPS's = 125% oversell rate.

    Again, I'm honestly not expecting a straightforward answer, as it prods at your core business model.

    But I would definitely enjoy ample warning if trying to use my VPS's to their potential will give me a slap on the wrist after sinking some money into this just now.
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