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Phoenix, Arizona, United States


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    On the second anniversary of his comment, I strongly second that. I vote a Mesa or Gilbert Datacenter if possible, though I suppose Phoenix would be fine... I run a company called My Favorite Web Designs, located in East Mesa There are no really solid KVM providers in the area, and nobody but nobody does cloud like you guys, come to AZ!!! Thanks, Josh Jacoby
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    I agree, I have an account with Vultr and have some sites hosting via Cloud and will be adding more. I would also like to have a server center location in Phoenix.
  • Thank you for your feedback. Please note that our Dallas and Los Angeles data centers currently do provide excellent connectivity to Arizona! You can check out our looking glass to test out the network quality using ping and traceroute here:


    Los Angeles:
  • Hey Mike, I agree, connectivity is super good, and latency is pretty low, but Google has been rewarding servers near clients more and more, its a big deal in my experience. Don't get me wrong, the LA center is great, but if you or DO comes in here and opens up, you could probably snatch a lot of business from Godaddy and LiquidWeb, or at least expand local market options for one of the fastest growing cities in the US :smiley:
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