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We're interested in a Canada location... Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, etc...


  • +1 support it . Vancouver ++
  • I currently have an instance in Chicago but would move it to Toronto or even Montreal in a second if it became available.
  • I'd like to add a +1 to the frozen north. I have a few clients in Canada who would like to have their servers closer to home. Mostly to get them out of the USA.
  • I'd love to see this.
  • +1 would be nice to have a closer location
  • +1 I'd probably concider moving my other servers from other providers if there was Canadian locations...
  • +1 for this. There are clients in Canada who cannot legally have their data (including emails and anything even remotely confidential or personal) on servers which reside outside of Canadian borders. Doctors / Health Groups, for example, are legally obligated to hold all their data in Canadian data centres. I'd love to see a Canadian data centre up here in Canada, and would gladly move my other services from other providers (namely DigitalOcean) if a Canadian location is provided.
  • +1 as well... I'd spin up half a dozen for sure....
  • +1 Would love it to support Storage instances as well.
  • This would be great for our Canadian sites!
  • +1 DustinDauncey's comment. Canadian health institutions want to do business with us, and we want them to go through Vultr Canada.
  • digital ocean already has the toronto location. how about vultr. wait for the vancouver VPS.
  • I work in the KW Data Center in Kitchener ON if you are interested contact me.
  • +1 to this. Would love to see a Toronto location. As temple mentioned, DO already has a Toronto location.
  • +1 here too. Will have to use DO for our Canada plans. A Toronto datacenter would be fantastic, Vancouver would be good too.
  • +1 waiting for this to happen.
  • +1
    As @DustinDauncey said, lot of canadian organizations are not legally allowed to have their datas outside of Canada, but also lot of my customers don't like the idea of having their data in USA because of the Patriot Act and political reasons. Yes, there is the option of having the servers in another continent for those who are not legally bound, but this is not optimal.
  • Looks like Toronto is now an available server location, thanks Vultr!!!
  • Bring on Vancouver now!
  • Yes. Please add a 2nd Canadian data centre. I would love to have some redundancy by location for my servers.

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