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Really happy with Vultr so far, but now I want to start planning for high availability and DR. I assume the SSD on local disks of the server. What happens to the VMs when the server fails or requires maintenance?

Is there guidance or documentation that we should follow to ensure high availability?

For now my plan is to take snapshots (I'm assuming that is stored on a different storage system), that I can use to recover any instance.


  • Perry - Glad you are having a good experience using Vultr. To answer your questions... In the event that a node fails, you would need to restore your snapshot to a new node. Snapshots are stored on a different storage system and are independent of the nodes your instances run on.

    We are working on tools to make it possible to build a highly available environment but we're not ready to release them just yet.

  • I might add a question:
    I might to set up a CoreOS culster. Could you explain the rings of availablity / fault points? and how I could mitigate the risk?

    Would I necessarily replicae over different datacenters, or can their be a dedicated bare-metal / VM mixed strategy?
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