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Hi. We are currently using hostvirtual for our VPS server. What originally attracted me to them is that they had small VPS plans starting around $6.00/month that I could run FreeBSD on. I am paying about $10/mo now because I increased it once to better support running some Drupal sites. Now, over 2 years later, they have dropped all their smaller plans. Now, when I look on their site, the smallest plan I see is $80/mo. Just last week, the smallest was $60/mo. Their minimum server size is jumping in leaps and bounds. After us committing to their service, they seem to be completely moving out of the small VPS market. I contacted them and they said the server size I have was just a promo and I cannot get another one. The smallest I can get is $20/mo, and I can get that only because I am grandfathered in as an existing customer, but that is still way higher priced than our existing server. And, at this point, I have my doubts about how long even that option will be open.

So now I cannot even create a new server so that I can upgrade our old, no longer supported, version of FreeBSD without our price jumping way up for a larger server than we need at this time.

From my research so far, I have high hopes for vultr.

So, my question is, are there any assurances that vultr intends to continue to address the small VPS market? I hate to spend a lot of time researching services, setting up, and doing systems administration, only to have the rug pulled out from under me and having to start all over again after committing to a service.


  • Obviously I can't comment for Vultr themselves, but I'm 99% sure they'll stay in the 'small' VPS market for a long time.

    I'm pretty sure Vultr has been running for just over a year now, and I'm certain they've got no plans to make drastic changes to a business like this! :-)
  • Followup:

    We have now been running our FreeBSD web hosting and email server on Vultr for 3 years running multiple Drupal sites and an exim mail server among other uses. I have to say, we couldn't be happier. I also have a client I referred sometime back to Vultr and they have created multiple VPS's and are also very happy. In the process of setting up a couple of their servers, I discovered that Vultr had increased the resources for the $5/mo server from 768MB RAM to 1GB RAM and from 15GB storage to 25GB storage. Wonderful!

    I finally got around to upgrading our existing server, and Vultr made it completely painless. In fact, since I now had an extra 10GB of hard drive space, I used the opportunity to add a 1GB partition for swap, in place of the swap file we had been using, and I created a 9GB partition that I moved root to. FreeBSD VPS's have a single partition for all data other than the boot by default. Then, since we now have 1GB of RAM, I decided to try ZFS to see if it will run reliably on such a small server. I used the original 15GB partition for ZFS and moved /usr/local and the home directories, and a few other things to it. We mainly wanted ZFS so that we have the ability to do instant snapshots, especially just prior to doing application upgrades, as well as automatic snapshots of home directories and other data. So far it is working flawlessly and has only been using between 0% and 2% of the swap.

    One more thing. Our VPS had an uptime of almost a year prior to me shutting it down for upgrades over the last couple days.

    I just wanted to say Thank you Vultr for a great service at a great price.
  • Thanks @vince for taking the time out to dig up this old thread and write about your positive experience over the past few years. We are also glad you switched to our platform back in January 2015!
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    Big thumbs up from me too!
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