Connect by VNC not through noVNC

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Is it possible connect to server not through noVNC (using remmina, vinagre etc.)?
In source code of the page with noVNC i find somthing like:

But when i try connect to it have error like:
Connction failed - End of Stream
Possible causes:
-Another user is already listening on this ID;
-Bad connection;

noVNC work through WebSockets. May be i can use other VNC-client using some proxy (bridge) to WebSockets?


  • I removed the password there... you probably didn't want to provide console access to your server to the world...

    We do not support this. You'd really be much better off installing a VNC server on your server and connecting to that.
  • Has there been any improvement in this situation? noVNC has, er, "limitations" that make it pretty close to useless in some situations.

    For example, unless you're using a complete chain of US keyboard layout I've yet to find a way to enter certain vital characters such as >, < and often |. If you need to repair a boot by fixing a config file and /usr isn't mounted (meaning no access to vi) you're a bit stuck.
  • real programmers use 'ed' :-)
  • You probably thought you were joking, but this is a solution 'cos it's in /bin rather /usr/bin - as long as you don't need a \ in a regex. You can also do unspeakable things using dd, which doesn't require a > to specify an output file.

    Proper VNC access would still be good.
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    Naaah, I've often had to use ed to fix problems - usually with a messed up fstab.

    I can even recall using "echo *" to get a file-listing when ls wasn't available!

    I agree that the UK keyboard VNC issue is real though, but after decades of working with strange old unix systems, I'm sad enough to know the american layout even when stuck with a UK keyboard !

    Whilst on the subject of UK keyboards, have you ever used the "¬" key intentionally?!!
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