CloudFlare Optimized Partner Program

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The CloudFlare Optimized Partner Program allows providers to offer Railgun to customers.
Would like to ask if there are any plans to offer this as a service in Vultr infrastructure.




  • Hello,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have forwarded this to our development team for further attention.
  • That would be really awesome!
  • Any news on this? Pretty please?

    Really looking forward to it.
  • +1 could be useful to use CloudFlare railgun free .
  • Really looking forward to it
  • You can partner directly with CF, and install the railgun listener onto any server. Then you can rezone the domains into the partner console, and run Railgun for free without needing the business plan. We have done it.
  • @Digcat how did you go about partnering with them?
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