Can a VPS be moved to a different location? in Help

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Should I realise after running the server for a period of time that it needs to be moved to another location for better response times, i.e. from London to the US for example, can this be done at all?


  • This is something that you could use snapshots to accomplish. This feature is expected to be available to everyone very shortly.

    You'd simply take a snapshot in one location, and restore it in the destination.
  • This sounds like a great feature. Any idea on an ETA?
  • Snapshots have been available for multiple months now.
  • Hello.
    ‘This feature is expected to be available to everyone very shortly’
    Is it?

  • How do you implement the change on server location ?

    Thank you!
  • As explained in the second post, you just need to take a snapshot and restore it to an instance in another location. (Snapshots have been available for years now.)
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