No more 3.4 GHZ CPU cores?

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I created a new VM today and I noticed that the reported CPU speed is only 2.4 ghz. I also have another VM that was created a while back and the CPU speed on that one is 3.4 ghz as advertised. I also noticed today that all mentions of 3 ghz CPU speeds have been removed from website. Is there any way to still get 3.4 ghz speed for newly created VMs? Will previously created VMs stay on 3.4 ghz cores or will they get downgraded too?


  • Am gonna need an answer to this too, because this isn't gonna fly with my database heavy operations.
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    This is a disappointment. Hopefully its only temporary issue.

    Seems they dropped the 3.4ghz advertisement. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen it advertised for some time. Used to be lots of twitter post about 3.4+ cores.

    Has Vultr adjusted the advertised benchmarks to show for the roughly 30% drop in cpu performance?

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    Yup! I picked up on this about a week ago too!

    If you're gonna do this, at the absolute least(!), you should include more CPU cores, free of charge, but even then, many applications are single threaded, which can't take advantage of these cores..
  • Ah wow. This is bad, as most of my applications are single-threaded, I enjoyed the 3.4Ghz processors alot. I hope Vultr clarifies this situation. Sure their prices remained the same, but it's the hardware that got a downgrade, pretty much the same thing.
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    Hmm.. Hate to tag the staff, but after re-thinking, this is quite a steep downgrade and is an issue.. Many of my previous instances have been 3.6 and 3.4GHz.

    I might've been okay with ~3GHz (give or take a little), but 2.4...? Who's decision was this?

    @DaveA @mike @devicenull @maul
  • I just spun up 2 instances. Both were at 3.6.
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    Hm, you must've got lucky to get on an old node @Arffeh
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    The only reason why I'm sticking with Vultr is because of the 3.4GHz speed. If it's any less of that, I'll be going elsewhere without any hesitation.

    I use an application which is only compatible with single cores, and anything less than 3.2GHz is useless for it. This is why I switched from Digital Ocean in the first place.

    Edit: I just launched a new server in NJ/NYC. It's a 2.4GHz core, looks like I'm taking my future servers elsewhere.
  • Same with me. It was the ads and reviews bragging about the 3.4+ cores and impressive benchmarks for Vultr that managed to pull me away from Digitalocean. For me Vultr is still cheaper.

    Must be a huge cost saving to drop to 2.4 if Vultr is willing to give up one of top features that set them apart from the competition.
  • I believe different locations use different processors...and GHz isn't everything.
  • We occasionally adjust our node configurations to match the needs of our customers with a keen focus on maintaining our high performance standards. Your feedback will be taken into consideration as we continue to add capabilities to our platform.

    Some benefits of the new standard deployment include >10GbE connectivity, and eventually larger instance offerings(Cores+RAM) across our platform. These changes will allow us to offer the great new features we've been hard at work on.
  • Honestly, I don't care much for extra RAM or bandwidth, the CPU has always been the bottleneck with my application.

    Looks like I'll have to find a dedicated machine that has something equal to or better than 3.4GHz if Vultr no longer offers it.

    It's very frustrating that this particular application doesn't support multiple cores, especially considering there's very few decent providers out there with servers that are 3.4GHz+

    Do you have any locations left at all that still do the 3.4GHz processors?
  • @Joseph - What app are you running ?
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    Joseph, if there are any plans left in Australia, get them, that's where I was getting 3.6Ghz from. If you aren't transferring providers.
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    @Arffeh Can't see this lasting for long, looking at another thread...

    "Additional hardware is currently in transit to this POP (Australia) and we anticipate it will be online within 1-2 weeks."

    Which I can only imagine means when said hardware arrives, we'll see those 2.4GHz CPU cores start appearing in new deployments, for Australia! :(
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    @DaveA, I'm running a game server which has a lot of customisation, I haven't been able to find any game server providers out there that give me the same control as a VPS does hence why I don't just rent a game server rather than a VPS.

    Also, will my existing servers keep the same speed forever, or do I need to start the migration process to another provider now? It'd cause a huge disruption to wake up one day and find I've got a much slower server.

    @Arffeh, I just checked my current servers with Vultr; I have a database server with a 3.6GHz core, I might repurpose that and move the existing database to my dedicated server. I'm planning on starting a new server, but I was hoping for either Europe or USA, Australia doesn't generally have as much demand (plus, I get a bad connection to Australia from here)
  • @DaveA, I totally agree with Joseph, however, in my case it's worse. I've built a small VPS-reseller business around Vultr's offerings. Being confident that the VPS(s) I'll be giving my customers would totally stomp anything they'd find on a similar price range from any of Vultr's competitors when it comes to raw speed. That wouldn't hold true with these recent changes (2.4Ghz cores), I'm running a few gaming emulators, while these aren't strictly single-threaded, the benefit they gain from 2~X cores is close to none.

    I am impressed with Vultr's progress, releasing new features and such, but I really hoped the core features were kept. You gave us fast, cheap and reliable VPS(s), that's where we got sold. (Or at least in my case)
  • I'm waiting for the host node choice of:
    a) less cores, higher clock speed
    b) more cores, lower clock
    to appear...
  • @LJasonH, if they did that, then it would be fair for everyone, and it'll be a win-win situation.
  • @LjasonH +1; that would be an excellent solution
  • @LJasonH That sounds like a great idea ;-)
  • I would be willing to pay slightly more to get a faster 3.4ghz node, I think many other people would be willing too.
  • Yep. That's exactly what we need, Vultr can slightly increase the cost of the 3.4+ processors and offer the 2.4 cores for the current pricing scheme.

    That way Vultr is saving money which was probably the reason why they switched to 2.4GHz processors in the first place.
  • With no 3GHz cores there goes all the development work and everything that we have been planning to deploy a large infrastructure on vultr...
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    @itzaname Switch to FreeBSD as your OS, and 2.4GHz will be more than enough!


    Seriously though, I strongly suspect core speed will be a configurable option in the future - I can see no logic in stopping 3+Ghz cores completely.

    Just a hunch!
  • It confuses me a little that they'd do this with no official notice, especially considering people will have credited a couple hundred bucks on their account under the premise that they are paying for specific hardware. I'm relatively mild about the situation, as the project I'm working on hasn't been deployed into prod yet, so I've got the ability to compensate with a slight restructure of my code. Other people might not be so lucky, and may be left with a useless pre-paid account.
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    I'm of a similar view. I won't be affected by this, short-term at least, but I can understand the frustrations other people you mention would have, especially as I recently topped up $500, but fortunately got my instances at just the right moment.

    One thing I'm not sure of .. I'm assuming that KVM allow the raw CPU's to be throttled back in this way to the guest, and not that all the new kit is coming with less powerful CPU's than before?!

    I'll shortly be decomissioning a dual CPU London instance.. Maybe I should hold onto it? :-)
    <joke alert>
    Psssst. One lovely 2-core 3.4Ghz (Vultr Virtual CPU 2 (3392.26-MHz K8-class CPU)) 4GB instance available. Lovely location. One careful previous owner. Non-smoker prefered. Open to offers.
    </joke alert>
  • heh I've been lucky enough to score 3.6GHz instances.
    In fact deploy any in australia and they end up 3.6.
  • I hope this is not going to be the new Vultr. The high CPU clock speed sets them apart from their competitors but now they are essentially the same with a lot of other cloud providers now bench marking higher than them that didn't previously. I thought I was safe and at home with Vultr and I didn't need to continue my cloud search but with these changes I have started looking again. Hopefully they make some changes as suggested to allow 3+GHz for an extra cost or such otherwise I will be forced to move elsewhere.
  • Just thought I'd say, the 2.4GHz CPU's have just arrived in Australia.
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