Reseller Program

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add reseller program
features :
- reseller admin panel
- label reseller plans / private domain name / customized logo and interface
- bank local transfer and paypal payment
- custom plans
- custom price
- user control panel (CPU/RAM/HDD resize)
- ......
- ......
- ......


  • We offer an API that you could use to develop much of this . There's also a WHMCS module that another user has developed:
  • sorry i am newbie, how to use API for reseller program, please give me a link tutorial text or video how to use it, because it's the first time I want to sell vps in my country. thanks
  • @Saint

    You can login to your client area and go to the "Make $$$" button at the top and your affiliate link will be displayed.

    Direct Link:


    The API specifically is for building applications around, if you just want a link to give out, see above.
  • @localhost
    thanks for answer, your link affiliate program not reseller program.

    I want to create 20-50 vps then rent it out to customers in my country,
    but how to use API for a beginner like me
  • We do not offer any sort of reseller program. If you don't have any sort of programming experience, your only real option would be the WHMCS module.

    Note that even if we did offer a reseller program in the future, we would not be handling billing of your customers.
  • Maybe this script can branstorming your brain :)

    I think you can modify that script for using Vultr API.

  • @rizko,
    thanks, I will try.
  • Hi Team,

    Shane Zide here, new VP of Channel at Vultr. I realize these posts above are from 2014-2016, but the good news is we do have a Channel program now. If you are the following we'd love to talk with you:

    • Service Provider, providing IaaS consulting, management, or integration services
    • Cloud Reseller, interested in reselling our infrastructure & products globally to your end clients
    • Innovator, building something brand new? Perhaps a platform or managed service other developers might use, let's market it together

    We have generous discounts and commissions for our partners. Please visit our partner page and fill out a quick form -- to have a conversation about your business.

    We appreciate your time. And, thank you always for being a part of our community.

    Regards, Shane

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