API: Can not create server by using PXE startupscript

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The API allows creation of new iPXE startscripts via the /v1/startupscript endpoint. Quote: "pxe type scripts are executed by iPXE when the server itself starts up."
But when i try to create a new server via the API using the "custom" OS and the ID of the created iPXE startscript, it fails with an error.

Basically i am just trying to do with the API what i can do via the web interface:
OS: Custom, Select iPXE Custom Script

I call the API like this:

POST https://api.vultr.com/v1/server/create?api_key=APIKEY
OSID=159 (the "custom" OS type)
SCRIPTID=4534 (ID of an PXE type script)

I receive this error:
Error creating machine: Server add failed: Please upload/select a valid ISO or specify a valid iPXE Chain URL

It should be possible to create a server with an iPXE startupscript, shouldn't it? Otherwise it wouldn't make sense to let people create new iPXE scripts via the API in the first place.
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