Which FQDN should I add

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hello to all,

i am beginner here and my question as well. I'm running two wordpress sites in one Vultr VPS. And I searched for which FQDN I should set, since those wordpress have two different domain names. How can i set proper FQDN in one VPS with two different wordpress domain?

thanks in advance


  • I think what you are looking for is virtual web hosts, this allows you to run multiple websites on a single server. You didn't mention which web server you are using, but if it is Apache they have documentation on how to work with virtual hosts here: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/vhosts/
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    justaperson thanks for reply. I am using NGINX server. I made the installation via Easy Engine. I created 2 WP site via custom command script.

    The both domains are working and Wordpress is loading no problem there. But in , in hosts and hostname, there is no IP address or any www.domain.com values. In my /etc/hosts file localhost vultr install.install install

    That is all. There is no domain names or IP there.

    should I put my IP address somewhere in this hosts file or should I put my domain names there. I am confused.

  • @auludag No need to put anything in that file.

    What is the actual problem you are trying to solve?
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    FQDN is set to guest.vultr.com and, if you are using virtualdomains then leave it as it is. Use cat /etc/hostname to see the current hostname. Note that it may not be applied until after a reboot.

    You can set it temporarily with hostname $somesubdomain.$somedomain.$sometld (replace those variables with a real value) e.g. hostname auluday.vultr.com but it will only hold until the next reboot. For a permanent change edit /etc/hostname, or, if you have systemd installed hostnamectl set-hostname $myhostname (replace the variable with a real value). That will put the value into /etc/hostname

    You'll notice your command prompt change to display the new subdomain after the reboot.

    For some reason hostname -f will fail on a systemd installation. Actual resolution is done through /etc/nsswitch.conf. But you probably don't need to know about that.

    I'm guessing, in lieu of supply of pertinant information, that auludag is getting the FDQN query during the WordPress install (it's a non-serious error).
  • @sfitcs ahhh. Ok. That makes sense, cheers!

    I wasn't trying to be a dick (this time!!) - I was puzzled where he/she was being asked that, and what the problem is, seeing as he/she says the sites are working!
  • @jamie

    It'd be great if everyone who asked a question provided the information necessary to answer it, even better than if those that didn't know how to do something didn't insist on demanding "that thing what they don't know how to do" be done in a certain way (those I ignore). It'd also be great if Winter wasn't cold and rain wasn't so wet. But what can you do? (sigh). :)

    There are a number of installers that will ask for a FQDN, with some it's a trivial error - others will not install without one (e.g. virtualmin, mail, and some Apache configs) as they require a FQDN to function.

    As a general rule for a server that serves multiple domains I suggest choosing a name that is not one used by a mail system. A subdomain is usually easiest e.g. server1.example.com, or base.example.com

    The choice of a FQDN is (probably) just to satisfy the installer (it will be added to /etc/hostname) but as a general rule it is best if the name resolves correctly when looked up from outside of the system - which requires the name be added to the DNS zone for the second level domain.
    If the server will be the authoritative name server for the zone, you need to add a record for this name to the zone.
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    @sfitcs VERY MUCH THIS!

    In fact, I just replied to one post saying just that (provide us with real information to solve the problem!)

    I remember back in my days of second/third line support, we'd not just be handed calls that were too difficult or involved, but also ones where a call can't be solved because the user insists they are doing something right when they obviously not.

    I had no problem with clueful users, or clueless ones - it was the clueless ones that thought they were clueful that were the real problem!
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    Please ignore my previous comments about hostname -f.
    I have spiders in my head. hostname --fqdn works as advertised.


    Obviously not (it was the big kids), me, but some Telstra (Complex Data Testers) support would go out of their way to assist the clueless, angry, threatening and unhelpful.... "I hear your problem and understand your anger absolutely! - in your position I'd abuse support too. And no - you shouldn't have to explain yourself. Please accept my sincerest apologies, and in future quote your valued customer ID to get the level of service you're entitled to. Next time you call support tell them your service level ID is ten T for elevated support" "As soon as you say "I'm an ID10t you'll be pushed to the top of the queue"
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    @sfitcs haha, nice one!

    The angry demanding ones always puzzled me. They seem to think it gets them results. The only result it gets them is more 'work to rule' (you are less likely to go that extra mile for a tosser) and if they are regular callers, everyone avoiding dealing with one of their tickets for as long as possible!

    I remember one call from someone who was ranting over soms trivial issue when we had more important work on. She came out with the old cliche: "Do you know who I am?"

    "Err, according to the call, you are XXX ZZZ"

    "I mean, I'm YYY ZZZ's wife!" (YYY ZZZ being my bosses bosses boss, who I only knew from reputation as someone to avoid)

    I had quite an urgent server rebuild to do, and she kept threatening to escalate things.

    A few hours later, YYY ZZZ came downstairs to our office, everyone goes quiet like at school when a strict teacher appears. To my horror, he came over to me - I was much more shy and insecure back then!

    "I understand my wife is displeased at the amount of time you're taking on her call"

    I was all stammering and tried to explain, when he interrupted:

    "In your professional opinion, is her call more important than what you are otherwise doing?"

    "Errr, no" (*gulp*)

    "In your professional opinion, is it better for the company that you prioritise her call?"

    "Errrrr, no"

    "Well then, next time this happens, tell her to f*** off like I just did"

    Many years later, when I'd become more established, and moved up the ranks (I'd since discovered that YYY was not the ogre he was painted to be, but his brash 'no bull' attitude seemed harsh to some people, but yet he much preferred people to say to his face he was talking a load of rubbish, than the sycophantic 'yes men' kiss-arses)... anyway, as I was saying, many years later, I met XXX with YYY at a social event, and she was not at all the dragon I'd pictured all these years...

    I know this reads like a tale, but it's all true, allowing for paraphrasing
  • @sfitcs thanks for replying.

    i was trying to fill FQDN info for Wordpress records @jamie and trying o figure if it is necessary for multiple domains in one server.

    But you both already point that out, it wasn't necessary serious error.
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