Deployment lasting a lot longer than 60s

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Dear Vultr team

After just signing up and making a paypal payment, I have deployed two VPS' at roughly 11am (CET). One in Paris, one in Amsterdam. Now, half an hour later, the two machines are still in status pending.

I was expecting something around 60s as promoted. Am I missing something, is the system still waiting for me to do something?

Thanks for any hint.

Best regards


  • OK, just received confirmation that deployment has finished (roughly one hour after placing the order).

    Can I expect this to always take that long?
  • I just logged a ticket about this. I am experiencing the identical situation with Sydney, Australia. I guess I'll just have to wait.
  • There was an issue with our deployment process that was causing installs to take significantly longer then they should have been. We've corrected the issue for now, and will be making changes to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.
  • @luddite: Thanks for raising the ticket.
    @devicenull: Great to hear! Thanks for your prompt support.
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