Sale questions, before I decide

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I am thinking about using Vultr VPS/VM, but would like to know a few things.

1. Are Windows VPS/VM more then Linux?

2. Do I need to provide my own Windows License?

3. Can I setup a gameserver on a VPS/VM?

4. How much are extra IPs, if I was to need them?

5. Does Vultr offer cPanel and if so, how much is the license per month?



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    I have found the answers, to all the above, after adding some funds to the account and setting up a VPS/VM.
  • Hope you enjoy VULTR :) one of my favorite providers
  • Just in case anyone else has the same questions and wants to know the answers...

    1. No, Windows and Linux VPS instances cost the same.
    2. Yes, you need your own Windows license.
    3. Yes, you can run a game server, so long as it does not perform in a way which violates the usage terms.
    4. I think it's around a dollar each?
    5. No, vultr offers unmanaged hosts, you need to set up your own cPanel.
  • > 2. Yes, you need your own Windows license.

    No, we can provide Server 2012 R2 licenses, but there is an additional fee.
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