How to have multiple WordPress sites on one server using One click WordPress? in Help

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I'm trying to use my One-Click WordPress server as a dev server for a few of my sites. How do I change it so that I can have multiple WordPress installs on one server?


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    There's some details on the WordPress codex about configuring multiple sites per server:

    In short, the one-click app isn't configured for that. At the very least, you would probably need to clone the MySQL database, the WP code ( /var/www/html ), and add another vhost in the nginx config ( /etc/nginx/conf.d ). Also, the wp-config.php file would need to be configured per site, since the databases are different.

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    I suggest you use serverpilot.oi very easy and lightweight.
  • Hi Extra gloves let us know what works best for you ?
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